Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tourism in Bangladesh?

Tourism and Bangladesh do not seem like words that seem to go together. Most people that I know go to Bangladesh to see relatives/get back to their roots, buy/sell property and once in a while I meet someone who is in Bangladesh for non-profit work. I have yet to meet a "real tourist" who is visiting Bangladesh to get away from their monotonous routine, see something new and experience something different.

As for me, I have visited Bdesh on and off for some years (for the usual reasons) and also lived there for a few years a long time ago. I never thought about Bdesh as a tourist destination because I believed there was not much to see. There are no Wonders of the World, no notably impressive modern tower and not even a very distinctive cultural landscape that could lure tourists.

So, I was caught off gaurd about two years ago during a presentation about Bdesh, where they were claiming that there are three World Heritage sites in Bdesh. Not only had I not been to a single site but I had not even heard of two! So, before my next trip, I purchased a guidebook to Bdesh and have tried to make time to visit some of interesting sites during my subsequent visits.

I am creating this blog as a resource for other people who are unaware and might be interested in my adventures. If you are a real tourist and need factually accurate information, I would suggest that you look elsewhere like the Parjatan site or a copy of Lonely Planet Bangladesh.


Blogger sarah said...

I am a b-deshi bangladeshi, born in my grandmother's house in Chittagong. I just wanted to share with you a blog done with 2 french interns.
I, along with 6 interns visited Bangladesh this summer and explored BD like never before, staying in villages, connecting with people, taking boat rides and what not. My goal is to put Bangladesh on the map as a tourist destination because the country has so much to offer.
Sarah Siddiqi
Austin, Texas

9:42 AM  
Blogger zaman said...

Dear Sir

Greetings from the Bangladesh Travel Writers Association (BTWA). My name is Md. Ashrafuz Zaman, and I'm a travel writer. So far I have travelled 54 countries and published two books.

I'm writing today to inform you that the BTWA is planning to publish a compilation of travelogues entitled 'Experience Bangladesh,' in preparation for the upcoming Ekushey Boimela 2009---the 21st February Book Fair commemorating International Mother Language Day. We are interested in publishing travelogues of visitors to Bangladesh and would be highly appreciate it if you would be so kind as to help us locate some interested writers for our project.

We are also on the lookout for travel writers who would be visiting Bangladesh. Should you know anyone who is willing to write articles on their travels to Bangladesh we would be happy to offer a fully-hosted one week tour of Bangladesh with the condition that the articles are published in any foreign newspapers or magazines.

As for our book project we are interested in 2,500 word travelogues, and our cut-off date is December 15th. The book will be published in English and the target audience is our foreign guests. We will also accept photographs with the submissions, which may end up being used in a photographic exhibition.

While we regretfully lack the budget to pay for submissions, the author and writers submiting the best material will be awarded with 2D/2N excursion (in Bangladesh?) to be organised by BTWA.

Yours sincerely

Rtn.Ashrafuz Zaman
Delta Outdoors
6D,Level 6
Home Town Apartment
87 New Eskaton Road
Mobile:01720532059,019222 delta

3:22 AM  
Blogger Mamun said...

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